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Title: Informe de práctica académica en arquitectura el valor del patrimonio en el Panorama Rioplatense
Authors: Vásquez Osorio, Julián Andrés
Keywords: Patrimonio;Heritage;Especulación inmobiliaria;Speculation;Ciudad;City;Re densificación;Re densification
Issue Date: 8-May-2013
Series/Report no.: Práctica Académica Digital;DDPAARQ47
Abstract: This article is a reflection and a critical view of the different definitions, and plan ways to intervene in Latin American architectural heritage context taking as reference the city of Buenos Aires, for it deals with the discussion from the perspective that makes the story, economic and societal impact. It aims to analyze the impact of interventions such as projected in the block where is located the monastery of St. Catherine of Siena and the effect this cultural interest, its environment and society. Today, in many Latin American cities are beginning to see the phenomenon of re densification, as one of the solutions to urban sprawl, as a result of this, the cost of urban land, especially closer to the centers , where you can find the majority of goods architectural heritage, begins to have an economic value too high, leading to land speculation, seeing these among the most affected by this phenomenon and its value makes both cultural pass as architectural background, prioritizing their value to something purely economic.
Description: Este trabajo se realiza en relación con la práctica realizada en la fundación CEDODAL, cuya sede principal se encuentra en la ciudad de Buenos Aires. En ella se muestra el trabajo realizado durante la practica y varios articulos que tienen el patrimonio como tema central.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10785/1481
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